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Our Team

Our Team


Riya Manas Sharma


Riya Manas Sharma is a gap year student in Dubai, United Arab Emirates who aspires to pursue medicine and teach in the future. She is a major STEM enthusiast and loves to mentor and give back to her community whenever she can.

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eva ye

director of marketing

Eva Ye is a high school Senior studying in New Zealand. She has a strong passion for STEM, especially in the field of biochemistry. She believes that biology gives people the opportunity to learn more about the world around us, aspiring to use her creativity to promote biology.



Director of marketing

Ivy Wang

Director of education

Ivy is a high school student in New Zealand, majoring in biology and medical science. Saxophone is her side-hobby and she also spares times on ice skating. She believes that every person has their own merits and every opinion is valuable. She honors creative ideas even if they can be uncommon or idealistic.


Medha kamatham

director of outreach

Angel Tang is currently a high school sophomore studying in New York. She has a strong passion for STEM and loves to give back to her community. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, she never passes on the opportunity for new connections and friendships.


Phwe Phwe

Director of Logistics

Ludwig Tang

director of technology

Ludwig Tang is a high school junior studying in California. He is very enthusiastic about STEM and has a passion for Biology. He is currently teaching music and helping people with mental disorders in various organizations. He hopes he can help the community whenever needed. 


cavelle simpson

editor in chief

Cavelle Simpson is currently a high school junior studying in New York and is aiming to be a neurosurgeon in the future. She has a passion for understanding others around her, and she enjoys making people smile. She never passes up the opportunity to collaborate with her peers for a greater cause.

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Lillian Joseph

Director of Magazine and Podcas

693B6D1C-52D2-451E-9246-7B20545BBE6C - Ivy Wang.jpeg

Alisa is a year 12 student studying in Sydney, Australia. She has a passion for biology and gives people the opportunity to learn more about the subject. She aspires to be in the health science field in the future.

Phwe Phwe is currently a junior studying in NYC. She enjoys learning about biology and psychology. She also loves art and music. Drawing, painting, and knitting are her hobbies. In the future, she hopes to have a job in the Health Science Field.

Lillian Joseph is a high school junior studying in Dubai, UAE. Aspiring to pursue a career in STEM, she loves mentoring and would like to give people more opportunities in learning about Biology.

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